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Motorsport Fabrication courses for all levels

We provide online training courses for anyone taking an interest in Fabrication at any level. It doesn't matter if you're looking to make some small changes to your car or motorcycle or setting your sights on the highest levels of motorsport fabrication as a career these courses are designed to help you with the skills and knowledge needed.

Online Community

You are in the right place! Nigel and the team are dedicated to helping you with your project. You can get specific help via our online forum and unlike most automotive forums out there the ETS Motorsport Fab School support forum are genuinely interested in helping you with your problems.

Learn Worldwide

These courses have been completed by hundreds of students from all over the world. - If you have an internet connection, you can learn with ETS Motorsport Fab School.

Why ETS Motorsport Fab School was born

The Motorsport Fabrication industry is unusual in the fact that it combines many different skills and abilities but there is no formal qualification path to becoming a professional Motorsport Fabricator. What this means is that you won't be able to go to a University or Polytechnic to get a formal qualification that will allow you a career in Motorsport Fabrication. The result is an industry with many fabricators who don’t even understand the basic fundamental aspects of Motorsport Fabrication. Often the outcome is poor results, frustrated customers and a general lack of trust in the industry as a whole.

Compounding this problem is that fabricators in the motorsport industry who do know what they are doing and are achieving good results, didn’t want to share their knowledge. This left few opportunities for enthusiasts to learn. Traditionally your only option was to attend a live in-person course, and this style of learning can be inconvenient and expensive to attend.

The ETS Motorsport Fab School was formed as a solution to this situation. A single place where budding enthusiasts and experienced fabricators alike, can develop their skills and knowledge in the motorsport fabrication field at their own pace.

Why learn online

These days our lives are only getting more and more busy, so finding the time to devote to learning can be difficult. Learning online is the natural choice, allowing you the flexibility to fit in with your schedule.


The biggest advantage with learning online is the ability to learn whenever or wherever it suits you. Taking time off work to attend a course can be costly, and our courses allow you to learn in the evenings or on weekends.

Reference Library

When learning any new topic, it’s often hard to digest all the information straight away. Our online courses become a reference library for you, meaning you can rewatch the courses whenever you want. This helps cement your understanding.


Attending a live training course can be expensive. There is time off work, travel, accommodation and rental cars to consider. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars before you even factor in the course costs. Learning online strips away all these extra costs ensuring you are only paying for the course material.

Got Questions?

We know that you will have questions that crop up or topics you need clarified. That’s ok because our online forum is the place to get these questions and more answered. Our tutors are active on the forum, as are hundreds of other smart fabricators.


The motorsport fabrication industry is fast paced and always evolving. Our online structure allows us to develop and introduce new material quickly and easily to always keep you on the cutting edge of new technology and practices.

The history of ETS Motorsport Fab School

ETS Motorsport Fabrication School founder Nigel Petrie has devoted his life to fabrication. After initial training at a Technical School, Nigel then moved into the workforce with the Ford Motor Company and continued training to gain an Advanced Diploma in Engineering. In 2006 Nigel developed the Engineered To Slide brand and has pursued his motorsport aspirations alongside his career. In 2010 he elevated the Engineered To Slide name by combining his passion for Fabrication and Motorsport by building the world's first tube frame drift truck. Throughout this challenging process Nigel quickly found that Motorsport related Fabrication techniques and skills differed from those most commonly found in industry and therefore were not easy to learn or find information on. By posting his trials and tribulations on the ETS blog Nigel found that many others were benefiting from the information he was sharing. After meeting Ben and Andre of HPA they realised a lot of people were requesting fabrication courses and so ETS Motorsport Fabrication school was born and the information on these pages is a direct result of first hand knowledge gained from real on the job experience to bring you quality information and training that's accessible to everyone.

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