ETSFab Merger

Things are changing at  

The owners of ETS Motorsport Fabrication School are heading in different directions, which means changes are happening to this website. 😢

High Performance Academy and Engineered to Slide (creators of will be producing equivalent motorsport fabrication courses, but on their own platforms.

It’s important to note that both (Mum) and (Dad) still love you very much. 😉

 ❤Important note to you, our existing members ❤

We promised that your courses are yours for life and we standby this.

Therefore, all members who have purchased courses will still be able to access them, until an equivalent course is made available on either or (Possibly Both). Your course purchase will be transferred to the relevant platforms at no cost. 
⚠️Members to the forum will still be able to get personalised answers to their questions during this transition period.

All courses will be available for purchase until June 30th, which is when we will turn the website into a portal that you can log onto and view courses/ the forum only.

Thanks for all your support thus far, and we will see you over at the other websites soon 😘

Any questions, contact us here


Nigel, Ben & Andre


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