Practical Roll Cage Fabrication

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A roll cage is something that needs no introduction. It's safe to say that they have saved 100's of lives and helped avoid countless injuries. 

Building a roll cage needs to be legal, strong, and safe. With the proper knowledge, and fabrication skills, you can create a structure that not only makes you feel more confident when pushing your vehicle — it may even save your life.

This is where the Practical Roll Cage Fabrication Course comes in.

It will take you through everything you need to know to build a functional and good looking roll cage that will impress the scrutineers.

You might just be starting out and looking to fit a half cage for club-level motorsports, or you could be building a full FIA roll cage for international competition — either way, this course is the perfect place to get started. 

Roll cages start well before getting out the tube bender.

The first thing we cover in this course is making sure we understand everything we need to know about a rollover protection structure and all its design elements. Critical knowledge you need to know to create a safe roll cage.

We then move onto the planning and measuring stage, before getting started on the practical skills. 

Essentially, this course will cover you from start to finish. From the theory knowledge right through to cracking out the welder and getting hands-on experience building your first cage.

Learn a 6 step process roll cage fabrication process.

Once you’ve mastered both the theory and practical skills taught in the course, you’ll learn a simple 6 step process you can apply to any roll cage build, regardless of how extensive it is. This makes it easy to ensure you get the right results every single time.

This 6 step ETS Fab process is also demonstrated in our library of worked examples where you can watch it being applied on an actual roll cage build. In this library, we’ve varied the projects to give you experience in a wide range of different applications and setups. This library of worked examples will also see more models added over time, so it will grow with you.


What you will learn
  • The essential structure and design knowledge
  • How to measure and plan a cage
  • Preparing your shell for a roll cage
  • Practical skills like Notching, bending, and gussets
  • The welding techniques you can use
  • A 6 step process for any roll cage build

Common Questions

How long do I have to watch the course videos?

Once purchased you have LIFETIME access to your training courses. Lots of our customers use these course videos are reference material throughout their fabrication careers.

Can I watch the course videos whenever suits me?

You can access your course material via our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Do I get a certificate after the course?

Yes, we provide a digital certificate of completion with every course you complete. This is great for the workshop wall or CV.

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 03.18
  • How To Use This Course 01.40
  • Disclaimer 02.46
  • Purpose and function of a roll cage or roll bar 02.08
  • Design Elements 05.00
  • Cutting 03.45
  • Drilling 03.15
  • Tube Bending 04.43
  • Tube Notching 04.53
  • Punch and Dimple Dies 02.38
  • Welding 04.45
  • Measuring 05.37
  • Templating 05.57
  • Mild Steel 04.44
  • Chromoly 05.21
  • Docol and T45 03.34
  • Footings and Gussets 02.39
  • Removable Bars and Joiners 03.03
  • Fasteners 02.14
  • Class Designation and Future Proofing 03.53
  • Programs and Future Tech 05.09
  • Measuring and Ordering Steel 03.18
  • Driver Comfort 04.53
  • Performance Provisions 02.59
  • Welding Masks and Respirators 06.40
  • Eye Protection 01.50
  • Hearing Protection 02.27
  • Gloves 02.07
  • Overalls & Aprons 02.07
  • Boots 01.44
  • Dash and Windscreen Removal 04.01
  • Sound Deadener and Seam Sealer Removal 04.27
  • Paint Removal 03.00
  • Rolling Jig Setup 02.50
  • Spot Weld and Panel Removal 03.57
  • Roll cage footings 02.56
  • Marking and Cutting to Length 03.23
  • Bending 06.59
  • Notching 04.47
  • Finishing 02.55
  • Fitting and Clamping 02.26
  • Templating 04.48
  • Sheet Metal Gussets 04.22
  • Welding Gussets 04.30
  • Lifting Roll Cage and welding in footings 03.48
  • Design and Materials 01.51
  • Preparation 05.48
  • Welding 06.16
  • Finishing 01.07
  • Assembly 02.14
  • Design and Materials 02.32
  • Initial Preparation 02.10
  • Welding 04.02
  • Fitting 00.59
  • Finishing 01.31
  • MIG vs TIG Welding 04.35
  • Welding Thin Sheet Metal to Thicker Floor Boxes 03.20
  • 360 Degree Welds 03.08
  • Cleaning and Approval 03.33
  • Dash Cutting and Refit 03.48
  • Fitting Seats and Harnesses 03.34
  • Painting Yourself 05.20
  • Padding for Helmet 01.53
  • Refit windows 02.26
  • Design 04.53
  • Shell Prep 03.28
  • Bending 02.18
  • Notching 01.47
  • Welding 03.19
  • Finishing 02.05
  • Conclusion 02.45
  • Request Certificate 00.09
  • Design 03.52
  • Preparation 03.13
  • Bending 08.36
  • Notching 13.01
  • Welding 05.32
  • Finishing 03.03

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