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In a couple of places Nigel has discussed how he created the 'mess rooms' to keep the dirty and clean spaces seperate and I think this is a brilliant idea. I'd be really interested to know how you go about keeping the spaces clean on a more general basis, how often, what products and tools if any you use and if you have any tips or tricks to keep the place sparkling.

Cheers :)

Hi Michael. Generally every week ill sweep up the mess room and then give the tools a quick clean up, I use a broom and then give any tight areas a quick vacuum with a cordless Dewalt vacuum that is really handy.

Something that's overlooked is the airflow in the area(s). Grinding and other processes will produce a lot of dust in the air, which settles out and builds up.

If you plan the ventilation airflow from the clean area(s) room to the dirty area(s) it can have a significant affect on settlement. What you want to try and avoid is the airflow from the dirty to the clean.

You may also wish to consider buying some covers for engines, parts, and the like where you really do not want any dirt/dust to land. If you have the room, and do engine, electronics/electrical work, etc, it my be worth spending the time and money to make it a fully enclosed area.

I have no real evidence, one way or the other, if grinding dust entering the pin openings on an outlet is a problem, but the idea of it building up and causing a short or, worse, fire niggles me - that's why I used a weather resistant type, with a drop down cover, in the garage so they're covered when not in use. The model isn't available any more on our (NZ) market, but you can see some alternatives here -