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If it's not really about building, driving or optimising a race car. Then it belongs in here.

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Thought I would start a place where we can introduce ourselves as we join this community. Big thanks to Nigel and everyone involved for this community and all the training. Of course, if this is the wrong place for this then please move as needed.

My name is Jordan and I am from Alberta, Canada.

As far as a fabrication history, I am journeyman machinist, other than that all fab would be very much hobby oriented. Drift cars motor bikes but now as the family has grown, it's projects around the house and projects for friends or work. The cars are gone for now but I fill my spare time with mountain bikes and my girly Harley. (See below for photos of said life).

I definitely am not a skilled fabricator but have managed to make things work. Looking forward to all the experience people will hopefully bring to these forums! Not sure if there is a better way to include photos... I am also bad with the internet?

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Hey ets fab,

My name's Emanuel and I'm from Sydney, Australia.

I have just finished my mechanic apprenticeship working in a dealership but building my car's on the side. Currently have an E30 BMW that's receiving an LS1 and a Holden VT SS with a 304 Holden motor that will receive a turbo. Hopefully with the skills I learn here I can improve and get those projects up and running properly

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Gordon from Ireland, semiconductor lithography engineer for work but into all things engineering, mostly cars and planning to get into building/modding bike's,

Just almost finished (thses projects are never truly finished) an autograss buggy, completely from scratch. It's got a 1200cc Suzuki bandit engine from a crashed bike, built on a very very small budget in a small garage it's done with a stick welder but just upgraded to mig recently. Fun to drive designed for grass not road or track so has no diff even..

Hoping to improve skills for next project which will likely be a bike due to garage space

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I've never been on a forum this new, its nice to get in on the ground floor. Hopefully my knowledge and experience can help others as well as what nigel provides.

My name is Tim and I'm from Elkton, Virginia, USA

I've been a car enthusiast since my early teen years and this is what got me into fabrication, I'd like to consider myself a skilled fabricator, but there are aspects that i need to work on. My finishing techniques being one of them. I have several welding certifications as well as an associates degree in fabrication and welding.

I've built several cars and most recently a customer's 1995 Ford Probe GT. Factory with a 2.5 V6, i did not need to purchase this course but I'm glad i did because there are a few tips and things I've discovered (the vice mounted metal brake being one). The information i have seen presented is fantastic and without issue, just remember that if the techniques presented don't work for you, look around at different things to try. Everybody has their own way to do things.

Being a fellow fabricator i hope in the future as this forum grows i can assist with answering questions and problem solving.

Thanks guys, this is a great start.

Since we are doing intro's I am Nigel Petrie the guy you're probably going to get sick of listening to in a couple of years but I am stoked you are a part of this course and we can all build some rad stuff together.

A lot of super interesting projects happening and I love hearing about them, we all have access to different machines and are into different forms of motorsports but that doesn't mean we cant benefit from everyone's experiences and questions.

Hi all, my name is Tony (Tone, Big Tone etc) and I code by day, powerlift by night and fab on the weekends. I've been fabbing stuff up in the shed now for the last 11 years or so and am currently 2/3rds the way through a full chassis 92 Swift that will get our 13BT setup. My brother and I have also built up my FC3S RX7 from street car through All Motor weapon to turbo beast. Just looking to augment my knowledge here, everything I know I've learnt from the web lol.

I have images to link to but there's no button for that, so can someone give me the lowdown?


Hi everyone.

My name is Kenny. I'm a design and manufacturing consultant from Tennessee that doubles as a motorsport tech when I can. Really excited to see HPA continue to grow and expand into parallel topics.

Looking forward to being a part of things here!

Hello !!

I’m Ducky from Reno, NV —for now—originally from Las Vegas. I’m a hobbyist ;been building SR20s for awhile but starting out to fab so pretty much new to everything specially on the welding side. I am building a Datsun 510 —fabbing a full roll cage in the next few weeks:)

James from central victoria in Australia

Here to pick up some technics to improve my work

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Hey all,

My name is Piotr, im born in Poland but live in Denmark, just south of Copehagen. Thats pretty much as far around the other side of the globe from AU as we can get.

I do data and management consultancy by day, but spare time goes to fixing and building cars. Ive been doing that on and off for about 10 years, and had to learn what i know now on by trail and error - so unfortunatly not all my methods and technics are that great. Im here to learn and get the basics right. Hopefully to have a place where i can get competent advice on stuff in not sure how to handle.

My projects range from keeping our daiy drivers running, to building some pretty complex stuff. I can Mag and Tig weld pretty well and know how to use a lathe and a mill. I have a small Lathe (ø125mm pinol height) and a big bridgeport 5 axis manual mill with auto feed and readout on all axis. Still trying to learn how to use it without killing myself.

My projects are a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (GT-modified rather) with everything in carbon, a Mk3 Supra Turbo Targa that just belw an engine, 1982 Corolla Ke70, a Datsun 720 Pickup and a couple of bikes. Other cars come and go as most of my frends and my stepson is car crazy as well.

If you want to see what we are doing check out @_elkroadgarage_ on instagram.

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Hi I´m Benny from Sweden,

I have mostly been doing regular repairs to cars all my lifetime.

But now i´m looking to step up in my car hobby and start fabricate stuff for my cars. But i´m a totally beginner att fabricatin stuff,

TIG welder is on my purchase list and start with learning that as my base

Hey everyone

Im a boilermaker by trade but have since left the trade to drive dump trucks in the mines. I live in Newcastle Australia and more than happy to help with info or idea's aswell as lern more about specialized things

Working and fabrication is now a hobby of mine. Evan tho i have some knowledge in fabrication im always lerning.i have 2 cars im building

A CP9A Evolution 5

Holden Gemini (dragcar)

Hopefully this forum is not like most forums with bagging out and ugly criticism

Hi All,

Stuart from Melbourne VIC here. Been a mechanic for over 20yrs now and have just started into the world of tig welding so joined up for some tips and tricks.

My own project is a Datsun 120y 2door sedan with an old school Nissan Z18et conversion.

My day to day is looking after Mazda Australia's Heritage collection so get to play with some cool stuff.

Looking forward to chatting to you all more and learning more as I go


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Well I suppose I'd better go with the flow and introduce myself, I'm Michael. I'm a mechanic by trade (started in 1985) and a teacher by profession. I've taught in Trade College (not TAFE) and really enjoy learning from others and sharing what I can in return. I haven't welded for 15 years and hope to be able to get back into it as I'd rather build something that buy it from someone else. I don't have any pics to share but my plans are to build a car trailer, fit out my home workshop, get myself a Brumby (BRAT for our North American friends) and build a full chassis come body lift to lift it about 6" and run much larger wheel tyre combination.

Hey everyone, I’m Sean - I’m from Calgary, Canada. I’m in my mid 30s and have a passion for 50s custom cars. I currently am building a 1950 Chev Fleetline 2 door. Rear 4link, tubular front. Currently planning a 2” traditional body drop, shaved sheet metal firewall, full tunnel and rear trunk ( bonnet) metal.

I’m by no means an expert, I have a high creative drive but also manage multiple jobs, business opportunities, so I’m late to the game when it comes to learning skills like tig. Over the next couple months I’ll be building my shop up to have the necessary tools and equipment to really expand my learning.

I’m also secretly into old Mercedes 108 and 114s, I’d like to build a 114 4 door on bags, large turbo ls and full custom suspension. I also have a crazy dream to build an unlimited class 5 beetle for the BAJA.

I also just added a tig to my equipment list. Managed to pick up a 180 Miller diversion for relatively cheap and have been stocking up on consumables, supplies, tungsten, Clecos etc.



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Hi all,

Andrew - Sydney - Ive spent the last 25 years trying to modify road cars, and by road cars i mean Datsuns, and by Datsuns i mean 510's, to go faster with more of a focus in the last 10 years on reducing track times. My profession is unrelated. Im a scientist. Over that time i have had a go at doing everything myself. Ive done a few engine conversions, brake conversions, suspension conversions, various forms of body work, wiring and electrics, built a few motors, tuned a few motors all with some degree of success. A couple of years ago i took my perfectly good unbroken track 510 and sold the suspension and driveline then ground the car up so there isnt much left. The idea was to turn it into a tube frame sports sedan, which for the non Aussies is a fairly limitation free class of racing. I really have no idea what im doing and thats why ive joined in here to bug you guys with annoying questions that the internet doesnt seem to want to give me the answers to or the internet tells me to 'ask your tuner' or 'ask your engine builder' which doesnt help when historically ive been the tuner and engine builder. Hopefully you can help.


Hey everyone,

My name is Bop, I'm a Mechanical Engineer by trade and live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I've been following Nigels journey ever since the start of the Hilux build or something, and it's cool to see where ETS is headed.

My main project is a 1993 Mazda Miata that I've imported from Japan, 13B swapped and have been completely rebuilding over the last 5 odd years (bought the car in 2012). I'm a HPA member which has helped me tremendously with some of the wiring and especially with tuning my car myself.

I enrolled in ETSfab because, although I have experience with fabrication and design, I would like to expand my skillset further and professionalise my self-taught ways of work. Below a picture of my "shed" with a workbench and elevated storage platform (that I can attacht a hoist to for taking the engine out of my car) that I designed and fabricated myself. Next on the list is some shelving, a steel welding table and a way to segregate my "dirty" are from the clean parts.

Hey Guys,

Brennan From Cromwell, NZ here

Thought I'd sign up and learn some stuff whilst we're locked down here, Have had a passing interest in fabrication for many years (followed Nigels work for many many years). But never spent much time hands on,as before moving to NZ from West Aus ~3 years ago I had a few skilled fabricators around me that I used to farm things out to.

Recently picked up an EVO 5 and have had a various street cars over the years (early Holdens / numerous later model falcons) But I currently don't have any fabrication projects planned.

Hi Everyone Great forum so far and yes I agree with other guys lets keep it positive and support each other rather then negative posts.

Anyone have been watching HPA for some time learning some new skills and have been teaching myself to weld for a couple years on and off with a stick but have now invested into some new MIG & TIG units which I am excited about to get into to have some fun. I have been around cars all my life and at 46 from the Gold Coast QLD i love small fords and Rotaries but honestly love all nice cars the only thing that i hate about them is the dickhead owners.

Have been track racing for a few years and enjoy being around race tracks and watching all sorts of Motorsport and really have admire fabrications of so many people and i am really looking forward to learning on here with you guys from all over the world.

Anyway I am a Paramedic by day/night, love animals and farm life but enjoy bikes and cars & 4WD.

Hi all, Tim from QLD

Ive always had the desire to work with metal but have never had the skills or confidence to get started.

Having fun in the drifting community led me to follow Nigel a few years back just as the Hilux was coming to light and seeing what was possible still is aw-inspiring.

No doubt i will be reviewing the course multiple times but now with knowledge in hand i will be able to see my limited workspace and skill set in a different light

Hi all,

I am Kevin, I am from South Carolina. I have been hobby fabricating for a few years now. Still not as good as I would like to be, but I am getting better.

I am currently building a 95 S14 with a SR20DET in it. Majority of the build I am fabricating myself. Need to get better at my aluminum welds.